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Terrible Customer Service Sept. 12, 2012

Where do I start? They say one thing and do another. They gave us the wrong template layout after we approved another. They damaged our stovetop and we are still waiting for the refund after they illegally charged our credit card without authorization of the amount that was suppose to show the deduction of the damage . We couldn't talk to a manager or the owner. Regarding the wrong layout of the template, as soon as we saw it, we told the installers to stop and showed them what we approved. Crowe's kept their installers by our home for nearly 3 hrs before we finally agreed to let them put the granite in after we accepted $200 for a discount for their mistake. It was either that or they were going to take the granite away and we already put down $1500 deposit and we didnt want to go through this again. But no one would give instructions nor talk to us for nearly 3 hrs as we all waited around for some call back. The granite was nice but it wasn't the template layout we approved. We heard after that fact, this seems to happen often with these template layouts. So buyer beware.