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Rosa Mosaic & Tile

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4006 S Brook St Louisville, Kentucky (40214)


About This Business

Rosa Mosaic & Tile Company has a rich tradition in Kentucky and its neighboring states as a premier installer and fabricator of granite, marble, terrazzo and tile. Louis Rosa founded Rosa Mosaic & Tile Company in 1937. He hired John Cristofoli on January 4, 1950 as an apprentice in the tile and terrazzo trade. Through the years, John honed his skills and rose to the position of president and owner of Rosa Mosaic & Tile Company following in the footsteps of Louis Rosa. Under the leadership of these two men, Rosa Mosaic & Tile Company has grown to be the largest Kentucky contractor specializing in commercial installations of stone, terrazzo and tile.

Both Louis Rosa and John Cristofoli were Italian immigrants to the United States bringing with them the deep rooted history in the art of working with natural stone and terrazzo. Rosa Mosaic & Tile Company is built on a partnership of these men, their families and many artisans originating from Italy. John Cristofoli came from Tauriano, Italy as a fourth generation artisan in the natural stone and terrazzo trade. Tauriano is in the Northeastern Italian province of Friuli still home to the prestigious School of Mosaic of Friuli located in Spilimbergo. This school has been teaching the art of producing mosaics for decades and can be reached at John Cristofoli brought to Rosa Mosaic knowledge, talent and an unwavering commitment to the finest quality craftsmanship that can be achieved in the trade.

Today Rosa Mosaic and Tile Company is still family owned and operated by the Cristofolis. Much has evolved in the construction industry and the company is still committed to providing the very best customer service and quality stone, terrazzo and tile work. Specializing in the commercial applications of stone, terrazzo and tile, Rosa Mosaic & Tile Company has had the privilege of installing granite, marble, mosaic, terrazzo and tile in some of the region’s most cherished landmarks.

Rosa Mosaic & Tile Company is a member of the National Terrazzo Mosaic Association (NTMA), the Marble Institute of America (MIA), the North Central Terrazzo Association (NCTA) and the Builders Exchange of Louisville. These associations set the standards for the construction trade and specifically for stone, terrazzo and tile. Rosa Mosaic & Tile Company is proud to be a member of these associations that set rigorous standards for membership.


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502-368-5893 (Kentucky)

Last Update: July 1, 2011

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Rosa Mosaic & Tile, Louisville


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