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3108 W Thomas Phoenix, AZ, 85009 602-997-0400

Oct. 5, 2011


We contracted with the owner, Werner Van Hees to outfit our office with granite. He said we needed 2 slabs – we paid for him for the 2 slabs and had a very difficult time getting a hold of him to get the project started let alone completed. He delayed the cabinet install and was very unresponsive. He installed part of the granite incorrectly – not at all to the specifications we discussed and left half of it unfinished. We learned that he only purchased one slab and was basically swindling us by having us pay him for 2. We had to purchase the other slab – again, through the wholesaler and have another fabiricator not only finish – but fix Van Hees’ mistakes. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!

1280 W Bayaud Denver, CO, 80223 303-733-3013

Aug. 29, 2011

A Most Excellent Job!

Your thank you note was a nice touch. We appreciated it. We want to thank you for your help in laying out the pattern to cut the granite for our countertops. We want to tell you and Mr. Percoco how pleased we were with the installation crew also. They were very professional and did an excellent job. The cuts matched which is credit to Dave for doing an excellent job of engineering. It too was a pleasure to work with the entire Percoco staff.

1280 W Bayaud Denver, CO, 80223 303-733-3013

Aug. 29, 2011

We Love the Leather Finish!

"The glossy finish of polished slab granite would not be tolerable in our kitchen. The abundance of natural light in our kitchen reflecting on a glossy surface would be blinding. We needed a non-reflecting finish. We liked the leathered finish. Granite is rock and the leather finish enhances the notion that it is a rock countertop.
The leather finish has the added quality of not showing fingerprints or even dust. It always looks clean!

We chose two very different types of granite, one for the kitchen countertops and window seat (used for plants) and another for the kitchen desk. The granite countertops have more variation and leathering gave it more texture (the texture does not collect dirt). The desk is black granite that even when leathered is not very textured; works well for writing, is non-reflective and doesn't show dust.

1370 Marin St San Francisco, CA, 94124 415-206-1819

July 18, 2011


Both my husband and I are pretty happy with the job the guys at Luo Marble & Tile have done in our kitchen and our master bath. Fair price, helpful, informative and on time.

1781 Junction Ave San Jose, CA, 95112 408-452-1615

July 18, 2011

Good quality, poor service...

Marble creations fabricated and installed our granite countertops and, even though we are pretty happy with our counters, we feel like service wasn't up to par. When you are spending thousands of dollars on any product or service, you expect to receive more: more info, more answers, more punctuality... (at least I do).

7701 Marathon Dr Livermore, CA, 94550 925-373-7675

July 18, 2011


We wanted to remodel our kitchen and we used this site to get quotes from 2 contractors that we felt could deliver the quality we were looking for. We picked Sosa because we felt really comfortable dealing with them. We left our meeting certain that they would do a great job providing an equally great service and without surprises. As you can see, our expectations were quite high especially when it came down to quality. After working with our interior designer, we had a clear picture of what we wanted. They truly delivered on quality and service.