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241 E Girard Philadelphia, PA, 19125 267-687-2275

July 31, 2012

Bravo Came Through for Us!

Complaints about Bravo scared me to death after I gave Mike our money. But Mike and his installers came through. I got my carrera marble! And it was the slab I had picked out! Installers were so nice -- and I'm not just making up stuff for the internet. Thanks for giving us a good deal, Mike. Now we're coming through for you like you came through for us!

241 E Girard Philadelphia, PA, 19125 267-687-2275

July 19, 2012

HORRIBLE - Mismatched Granite

I paid Bravo Marble & Granite to install granite countertops, backsplash, sink and faucet, along with the plumbing work. The same evening, upon careful inspection, I noticed they installed two different types of stone. I am not referring to the same stone cut from different slabs, I really mean two DIFFERENT types of stone. And I have a leak under my sink and water is backing into my dishwasher. I called Mike (supposedly the owner), several times and left three messages on different dates. He NEVER returned any of my calls. I got someone else to call (a male) from a different phone number. The person called, but did not leave a message. Within 10 minutes, Mike called back because he thought it was new business. The person restated the issues and Mike agreed to return to my home to resolve the issues. He never showed up, nor did he call to reschedule. After I posted a poor review on the internet, Mike called the person back, upset because I posted a poor review on the internet. No, Mike didn't call me, yet I am the customer. Once again, Mike set a date and 3 hour window to return to my home. Again, he did not show up, nor did he call to reschedule. THIS COMPANY RIPPED ME OFF AND I HAVE THE PICTURES TO PROVE IT!!!!

501 S Lucile Seattle, WA, 98108 206-762-5610

June 15, 2012

No complaints

Rubensteins remodeled our kitchen (basically replaced our old countertop for a new exotic granite we had selected). Everything went as we expected which, in everything related to construction, is saying a lot.

111 N Lincoln Park Ridge, IL, 60068 847-730-9238

June 15, 2012

Would hire them again

Good company, good service, good price, good people.

755 South Preston Lakewood, PA, 18439 570-446-0844

March 2, 2012

Flynn Stone Quarry, Where things get dumber by the minute...

I ordered 12 pallets of stone from Rob Flynn and 8 showed up screwed up. I had broken stone, wrong sized stone and stone that I didn't even order. Rob seems to be on his own at that quarry and so disorganized that you can't ever get more then 2 minutes on the phone with him. There is no office administration, no order confirmation, no customer service at all...Just Rob and his cell phone. This is the most loosely run company I've EVER dealt with. Rob Flynn initially told me that he would replace the material himself and "make it right". I called him after a month went by and he flat out refused to take responsibility for his mistake. The man is a foolish child with no accountability. I had to replace the material myself in order to save my own reputation with my customer.
Rob Flynn has since received a letter to appear in court which he ignored. He will soon be face to face with a Sheriff and we'll see what happens. I'm not expecting much From Rob Flynn and neither should you! He's NOT a competent person. This isn't the kind of man or business that America needs or wants and I urge you to spend your money somewhere else.

1625 Howard Rd Madera, CA, 93637 559-673-8121

Oct. 28, 2011

The Least You Could Do is Return a Phone Call

Working with this guy drove me insane. The guy NEVER returned phone calls. I mean NEVER. If I was lucky, he would send me a text message telling me to leave a key in the backyard so he could get in to work. After I paid him to instal my granite countertops, I found a rough area that needed epoxy. I had to call him 100 times before he finally came out to look at it and then proceeded to call me a "smart ass" for asking him to fix it.

He recommends an unlicensed painter by the name of Oscar Prudente who is a real bad dude. He painted the whole inside of my house and 1 month after he was done, ALL of the paint on my baseboards started to fall off and Oscar Prudente would not return one phone call for months. I called Mark and, even though he recommends him, he stated that "he is not my problem".