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Percoco Marble

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1280 W Bayaud Ave Denver, Colorado (80223)


About This Business

We are a full service stone company able to take the customer from start to finish through the entire stone experience. Through the years we have developed an outstanding rapport with major stone producers around the world, allowing us to be direct importers of granite, marble, shist, limestone, and soapstone slabs including some materials that are exclusive to our region. Upon entering Percoco Marble's impressive showroom you will be surrounded by more than 300 samples of marble, granite, limestone and slate. A working kitchen display featuring Pietra De Cardoso (a schist and soapstone look-alike) has a farmer style aproned sink with angled drain board machined out of a single block of stone. Walking through our shop, you will find one of the cleanest and most organized fabrication plants in the industry. Though we have many machines, some computer controlled, our skilled craftsmen massage each piece of stone to near perfection. Outside you will find a large selection of 3cm thick granite, marble, schists, and limestone slabs for kitchen countertops. Being the first to supply this thicker stone to the Denver market, we have the most experience with it.


Aug. 29, 2011

We Love the Leather Finish!

"The glossy finish of polished slab granite would not be tolerable in our kitchen. The abundance of natural light in our kitchen reflecting on a glossy surface would be blinding. We needed a non-reflecting finish. We liked the leathered finish. Granite is rock and the leather finish enhances the notion that it is a rock countertop.
The leather finish has the added quality of not showing fingerprints or even dust. It always looks clean!

We chose two very different types of granite, one for the kitchen countertops and window seat (used for plants) and another for the kitchen desk. The granite countertops have more variation and leathering gave it more texture (the texture does not collect dirt). The desk is black granite that even when leathered is not very textured; works well for writing, is non-reflective and doesn't show dust.

Aug. 29, 2011

A Most Excellent Job!

Your thank you note was a nice touch. We appreciated it. We want to thank you for your help in laying out the pattern to cut the granite for our countertops. We want to tell you and Mr. Percoco how pleased we were with the installation crew also. They were very professional and did an excellent job. The cuts matched which is credit to Dave for doing an excellent job of engineering. It too was a pleasure to work with the entire Percoco staff.

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303-733-3013 (Colorado)

Last Update: Aug. 29, 2011

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Percoco Marble, Denver


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