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Olympia Stone

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4361 W 96th St Indianapolis, Indiana (46032)


About This Business

At Olympia Stone, we utilize the most advanced fabrication processes available on the market – computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery. Why are these machines so important? Without them, all of the fabrication would have to be done by hand. The cost of hand fabrication is much higher because more people and time are needed to complete the job.

What most fabricators do to save time is use a process called dry-cutting. In essence, they do not use water to polish the stone, which results in a low-quality finish. The edges look dull and feel bumpy and uneven. With CNC technology, these problems are eliminated. Our machine always uses water and, since it is controlled by a computer, follows the edge perfectly, keeping constant pressure on the stone. This guarantees smooth, shiny edges. By using CNC machinery, we save time and resources, while exceeding the highest standards of quality.


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317-872-7625 (Indiana)

Last Update: June 29, 2011

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Olympia Stone, Indianapolis


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