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Magma Gold


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Magma Gold

Type: Granite

Color: Gold

Origin: Brazil

Magma Gold is an exotic granite quarried in Brazil. This granite was originally introduced into the US market in 2007 under the name of Sedna. The name was quickly changed by a leading Italian factory that bought part of the quarry’s production and started cutting and polishing the stone in Italy. Magma Gold presents a very unique pattern: large gold veins move across a black background. These veins can show a stronger tone or a lighter one. The price of this granite is pretty high even for an exotic stone but it is well worth it because nature ensures that your countertop will be unique. The only thing you need to be aware of when picking out the slabs, is that the placement of the veins is balanced across the slab. This is, if you cut the slab in half, you don’t want one half to be almost black and the other almost gold.

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