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Intown Design

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Great SW Pkwy Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia (30336)


About This Business

Since 1999, Intown Design has been providing granite, marble, quartz and solid surface countertops to not only Georgia, but North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama. We import our stone from exotic locales such as Africa, India, Brazil, Spain, China and Italy. By importing direct, you are able to select from over 2000 slabs in over seventy different colors of granite, marble and limestone.

Our knowledgeable outside project managers will visit you on site to discuss all of your needs. This combined with our owner, Don Zahnle's sixteen years of experience in the Atlanta countertop market makes Intown Design your premier choice whether you are a homeowner, remodeling contractor, designer, builder or commercial contractor.


Dec. 2, 2013


READ THIS!!! BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!!! My experience is a very unfortunate one that could have been a great one had it been handled well (professionally). Let's just say it's not how a business handles the business when everything goes as expected like the reviews below, its how they handle the business in a crisis (one that they themselves created due to poor planning).We own a business too and this is not how you should treat customers or deal with issues. Intown did absolutely nothing to try to resolve the scheduling failures on their end and basically left us completely stranded at the end of our construction project because without countertops you cannot install final plumbing fixtures or appliances which also mean no Certificate of Occupancy. We are building a custom home in the suburbs of Atlanta. My cabinet person recommended we use Intown Designs to do the stone counter tops (granite, marble, and quartzite) in our two kitchens, butler's pantry and 7 bathrooms. I started working with one of their sales people back in May 2013 because this is a big job that needs a lot of careful planning and managing. The install was supposed to take place over the next week and be completed by Dec. 13, 2013 (It is now Dec. 2, 2013). I had given them deposits for more than $20,000 since June and things seems to be going fine, I had been in close communication with the sales person(I will be very decent and not mention her name) and she seemed perfectly relaxed about everything even up until last week a day before they dropped the bomb on us. They called me 1 week ago after I have been working with them on my project for the last 6 months and said they are too busy to install my job until the last week of December. Let's remember, I have been contracted with them since May and have already paid them a lot of cash. I asked to speak with the owner and he would not call me or my husband to even discuss the situation. They cost us thousands of dollars and the most extreme stress you can imagine, we had to find someone to replace them at the very last minute; they also made us buy full slabs of material that they said would be sold by the square foot. Basically, they lied, they were unprofessional and they left us completely stranded. Intown Designs took advantage of us and even made money on us after they failed to fulfill their contract. This is not a company I would EVER recommend. Stay away unless you like to be disappointed and abused by a business that is making money off of your suffering! And yes we are contacting our attorney about this negligence as well as the BBB. Companies like this should not be in business! The Owner's name is Don Zamnte and they have another location in Charlotte so beware.

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Last Update: June 4, 2011

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Intown Design, Atlanta


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