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Finding The Perfect Look

There are four main qualities that will guide you to find the most beautiful stone for your home: stone type, color, pattern and movement, and surface finish.

Below, you will quickly learn everything you need to know to find a stone that you will absolutely love.

Stone Type

The most popular natural stones for residential use are Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Slate, Onyx, Quartzite, Sandstone and Soapstone. No one is better than the others; it all depends on the specific job and your own taste.

Some prefer granite's granural look, others slate's rustic nature, others marble's sober elegance...


One of stone's greatest strengths is the almost infinite variety of colors you can choose from. Most stones combine several colors but we tend to classify them by the predomination tone. The most popular colors for kitchens are brown, gold and green and for bathrooms cream and white.

The right color will be the one that you like and that fits the rest of the room and the rest of the house. You can also combine two or more stones (i.e. countertops and backsplash) that will enhance each other's beauty.


Far from being defects, color movement, veins, and spots are what make natural stone uniquely beautiful. In fact, exotic granites and quartzites with lots of veins and movement are much more exclusive than plain, dotted pattern granites because each slab is a unique piece of art made by nature.

Fissures, if properly repaired, are also part of the stone's structure and nature.


The majority of stone slabs and tile carried by wholesalers are polished (shiny) and a few are honed (non-reflective). In recent years however, leather finish slabs (also know as satin or silk) are becoming increasingly popular because they enhance the natural look of stone.

The leather finish makes the surface look rugged by slightly carving the softer areas of the stone wich are tipically veins. For marble, travertine and limestone, the antique and tumbled finishes create a similar effect.